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AIFE 2018 Asia (Shanghai) International Food and beverage Expo

Time:2018/08/15 - 2018/08/17

Venue:Shanghai New International Exhibition Center


Organizer:Beijing Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

2017 Asia (Shanghai) International Food and beverage Expo, hosted by Beijing World Expo Co., Ltd. Expo VII International Exhibition Group is a professional exhibition agency dedicated to promoting the development of Chinas health industry towards globalization. The company was founded in 2003, based on Chinas Beijing. Shanghai, Chengdu customers in 60 countries and regions around the world. Shibowei accumulated and honed for nearly fourteen years, now has a set of exhibition industry market development of the marketing mode, and has a long and close collaboration between industry associations, extensive and stable customer network, timely and accurate database, mature and stable market sales ability. With the popularity of exhibitors and buyers around the world, it has been highly affirmed by experts from dozens of national authority. In order to adapt to the market development needs, promoting the development of the industry characteristics of high-end imported food in China, recommend domestic and international advanced and applicable technologies to build a platform of supply and demand, the 2017 Asia (Shanghai) International Food & Beverage Expo will set a new benchmark for the industry characteristics of high-end imported food in China, to create a new range of food industry.

Range of exhibits:
The International Food Exhibition (import): world food, leisure food, baby food, dairy products, bakery food, fruit and vegetable food, health food, condiment, canned tonics; pickled products, drinks, etc..
The food area: convenient food fortification; livestock and poultry meat products; dried meat jerky, halal food; bean products; egg products; fruit characteristics; bee products; products; candied fruit; food chain etc..
The sugar and wine exhibition: (A) Yellow Wine; health wine; liquor; wine; Wine; beer; wine and beverage products, fruit juice, coffee, tea and other high-end drinks water. (B) all kinds of nuts roasted seeds and nuts, puffed, jelly preserved fruit and marine leisure food; leisure vegetarian; fruits and vegetables; candy, chocolate biscuits and so on.
The area around the Chinese famous brand products: time-honored; protection of geographical indications products; the original regional specialty products; leading enterprises; won A Well-Known Trademark in China, family farm; green food; organic food etc..
The grain, grain and oil products, condiments Exhibition: condiments, edible oil, olive oil, seasoning oil products; Western-style food flavoring.
The water and frozen food products: all kinds of dry ice, and fresh water aquatic products; food processing; surimi; sea cucumber, abalone and other seafood; marine biological products and deep processing of marine products; frozen food and food buffet

Website: http://www.aifoode.com/sh/


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