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Starch Expo

Starch Expo

Time:2024/06/19 - 2024/06/21

Venue:NECC (Shanghai)

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·The Prominent and Professional Starch Event in the Asia-Pacific Region

As time goes on, Chinese starch industry has been facing the brand-new development stage. Data indicates that Chinas starch production has steadily risen recently, and it is anticipated to exceed a value of 310 million RMB by 2023, presenting an annual growth rate of 4%. In the trend of sustainability, starch, as an important bio resource, is increasingly becoming a crucial raw material across a variety of areas such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

In 2023, Starch Expo, co-located with related industry events, welcomed a total of 76,796 professional visitors home and aboard from the starch and starch derivatives, food and beverages, nutritional supplements, and healthy product industries. It increased 8% compared to 2021, setting a new historical record.

The expo 2024 will be held at the NECC (Shanghai) from 19-21 June, focusing on industry trends and encouraging business collaborations to extend and enhancing our achievements.

· Co-Locating with Upstream and Downstream Exhibitions in the Same Hall for the First Time, Sharing Resources in Healthy Food and Nutrition Industry

In 2024, the Starch Expo will join forces with exhibitions for the first time, showcasing health ingredients, food ingredients, and nutrition products, creating a multidimensional industry meeting. This combination will encompass innovative formulations, food processing, and the health and wellness product categories. By co-locating these exhibitions, we aim to explore cross-industry collaboration opportunities. This collaboration will facilitate the sharing of resources between upstream and downstream visitors, advancing the industry chain from the lower end to the middle and higher ends, thereby offering starch-related enterprises more products and solutions.

· Expanding International Business Opportunities, Welcoming Overseas Buyer Groups

Following the easing of travel restrictions after the 2023 pandemic, the exhibition welcomed professional buyers and manufacturers from the starch and related industries in 60 countries and regions worldwide for on-site visits and negotiations. In 2024, we will further expand our international cooperation by working closely with starch associations abroad. Together, we will organize overseas buyer groups from countries like Thailand and Vietnam, enhancing the international presence of the Starch Expo. This collaboration will facilitate experience sharing and cooperative exchanges on an international scale, providing a broader cooperation platform for exhibiting companies and overseas visitors.

Concurrent Exhibitions Share:

- 170,000 sqm of exhibition space

- 100,000+ professional visitors

- 2,000+ exhibitors at home and abroad

Scope Of Exhibits:


- Potato, Corn, Sweet Potato, Cassava, Wheat, Rice, Pea, Mung Bean, Banana Yam Starch, etc.

Modified Starch:

- Modified starch used in food, paper, textile, pharmaceuticals, and other industries

Starch Sugars and Enzyme Preparations:

- Glucose syrup, fruit glucose syrup, malt syrup, polyols, starch enzymes, amylases, cellulase enzymes, starch sugar enzymes, etc.

Starch Engineering Technology:

- Complete processing equipment, crushing, screening, drying, filtration, separation, pump valves, storage and conveyance, packaging, analytical instruments, etc.

Environmental Protection and Separation Technology:

- Starch wastewater treatment technology, environmental engineering, membrane separation technology, ion exchange resins, activated carbon, etc.

Starch Products and Potato Product Processing:

- Vermicelli, noodles, potato-based staple products, whole meal and baked fermented foods, creative foods, potato product deep processing technology, etc.

Some Prominent Past Exhibitors from Previous Editions*in no particular order

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