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Beijing World Food Expo 2018

Time:2018/11/21 - 2018/11/23

Venue:China International Exhibition Center (New Museum)


Organizer:Cologne Exhibition China Ltd.

Beijing World Food Expo - the last review of the 2016 Beijing World Food Expo - Cologne World Food Expo, strongly promoted, in November 21st in China International Exhibition Center (New Museum) successfully ended.
The exhibition has more than the previous exhibition categories, including fine food, imported food, dairy products, baked foods, meat products, aquatic products, frozen food, sweets, candy and leisure food, coffee and tea, olive oil and edible oil, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, fruits and vegetables, organic food and catering services all around the world, special products are subject to domestic industry recognized by the audience, the first new baby food and vending machine forum is also at the scene to exhibitions, and meetings and other forms of docking appeared and attracted a lot of attention.
The exhibition covers a total area of more than 35000 square meters, of which the exhibition area reached 27000 square meters, the same period meetings and supporting activities area of more than 10000 square meters.

Exhibits range:
Office, office, catering, catering services, olives, olive oil, canned food, canned food, baking, baking, food imports, alcohol, coffee, frozen, frozen food, halal food, meat products, dairy products, food, vegetables, aquatic products, aquatic products, fruit, candy, sweets, leisure, leisure food organic food, drinks,

Website: http://www.worldoffoodbeijing.cn/


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