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The 7th China(Guangzhou) International Grain And Oil Machinery and Packaging Equipment Exhibition 20

Time:2017/06/16 - 2017/06/18

Venue:B District, Haizhuqu District (Guangzhou No. 382 middle reading Road)


Organizer:China Food Industry Association rice branch, China oils and fats association, China food and packaging industry association, China Food Industry Association



IGME is Internation Grain&Oil machinery exposition the abbreviation of English .Chinese, referred to as the "World Food Exhibition", the rise of IGME IOE from the world oil Expo and IRE world food exhibition, this exhibition is composed of Chinese Rice Food Industry Association Branch, China cereals and Oils Association Branch, grain and oil machinery industry co sponsored guidance Chinese food and packaging industry association exhibition. IGME was founded in 2011 as CIGOME, early held in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center, 2013 moved to Canton Fair exhibition area C, referred to as "CIGOME international food exhibition".


With the continuous expansion of the scale, in 2016 moved to the Canton Fair exhibition area B, the size of more than 2.5W square meters, more than 650 exhibitors, has become the worlds largest grain and oil industry expo, for the convenience of our customers in 2017 "CIGOME International Food Fair" was renamed "IGME world food exhibition".


[IGME the world food exhibition review]


Exhibition area of 25000 square meters, exhibitors, 650, is a professional grain and oil machinery industry exhibition. Famous brands include: demak group, Tom packaging, packaging, machinery, Feida Tongda machinery, Huatai machine, Tan star Kun machinery, techgen machinery, Chinese zuozhu machinery, Buller, dayilong, Yongcheng electronic, Zhangzhou Yu Jie, Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou Exhibition Hong Min Kehong, crown Asia, giant machinery, Zhongtian Valley, Chery gold tin, Chen Yu machinery, Xingyuan filter, Andritz, Ming Yang machinery, Xian Kunbo, Ting Feng Xian, machine, machine, color selection, ratio of Qinggong sewing machine, filling machine, Tan Gong shut, agricultural machinery, Bethlehem instruments, Hyde Kang Machinery, in the valley Department of 100, Nakatani packaging, heat exchange, the Pacific and the sea was heat, toyox, three-dimensional transport, warehousing, packaging nine Sheng Shang Cheng, Wuhan Chu Rui, Emerson, Ma Debao, etc. more than 1 thousand and 200 grain oil detu instrument Card.


The number of the last audience of 83480 people, of which the countrys 64748 people, more than 18732 people abroad, the conference represents a total of 3102, of which the domestic 2429, foreign 673. 2017 exhibition audience is expected to grow by 30%.


[The world food exhibition exhibits IGME]


Oil: Oil machinery equipment, Pre press machine, Leaching separation equipment, Oil filter, Pressure cooker, Embryo softening machine, Steaming and frying pan, Puffing machine, Oil pump, Deodorizing equipment, Leaching equipment, Refining equipment, Heat exchanger etc..

Rice machinery: Milling machine, Polishing machine, Color sorter, Sorting machine, Classifier, Hulling machine, Rice processing complete sets of equipment etc..

Other machinery drying machinery, Flour machinery, Alcohol production equipment, Production equipment, Corn Hanging noodles processing equipment, Machinery, Storage barn engineering equipment, Cleaning machinery, Ventilation and dust removal, feed machinery, Transportation equipment, Rubber products, Screening machine, Vibrating screen and machine parts etc..

Packaging equipment and materials: Packaging machine, Filling machine, Bottle blowing machine, Vacuum packaging machine, Labeling machine, Automation equipment, Quality flow meter, Electronic scale and coding machine, Packaging lines, and metal packaging materials, plastic packaging materials etc..

Inspection of the instrument: Moisture meter, Gluten meter, Powder, Viscosity meter, Agricultural products quality inspection instruments, etc..

Results: The new machine product patents, Technology patents, New products and recycling oil after refining.


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