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User Q&A




User Q&A

Q: How to register into a member of Food Processing Online? Do I need to pay?

A: Hello, membership registration of Food Processing online is free. Please visit www.sjgle.com. Click "Free Register" on the top. Fill in relevant information according to hints on the web page.

Q: I am a member now. Why cant I log in?

A: Hello, after registration, you need to accept your registration email to finish activation. Then the account will be opened and you can log in. If there is any operating problem, please contact us for detailed information.

Q: I want to release product supply information? How to operate?

A: Hello, if you want to release product or company information on Food Processing Online, you need to open an online store first successfully. You can log in Food Processing online and operate on the web page of "Member Center". If you have any operating problems, please contact us for detailed information.


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