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2018 Guangzhou International Fresh distribution and cold chain Preservation Technology Exhibition

Time:2018/06/15 - 2018/06/17

Venue:Bauli World Trade Expo Museum


Organizer:Guangzhou Olympic Fair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

In the same period, we will hold the industry theme seminar and product promotion conference, the industry innovation and Development Summit Forum, promote the forefront of information and technology exchange, explore the latest market development trend and innovative solutions, and promote the establishment of partnership. FLE-2018 activities for the same period for enterprises to carry out annual activities, news release, so that the effect of enterprise exhibition doubling.
The exhibition scale unprecedented, comprehensive coverage of the end link from the first mile to the last mile of fresh, cooked food, pharmaceutical cold chain, cold chain service and cold chain equipment gathered more than 300 leading leading brand exhibition, the brand launched the "new technology Internet plus wisdom full cold chain solutions plan", exhibited a total size of 40000 square meters, the entire audience during the exhibition ushered in a total of 65621 people, including 29406 professional visitors, the exhibition brings together the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and other more than 20 national pavilions and professional audience.

Range of exhibits:
Handling, packaging, packaging materials, packaging boxes, packaging machine, packaging machinery, packaging technology, packaging equipment, insulation, insulation materials, preservation, storage bags, storage cabinets, preservation technology, preservative and fresh-keeping equipment, refrigerator, warehouse, forklift, supermarket, car, Che Zaibing box, complete sets of equipment, kitchen, air, electric forklift, storage, sorting, service providers, modification, drying, supply, vegetables, seafood, chemical, environmental, environmental management, shelves, machinery, mechanical equipment, containers, processing machinery, processing equipment, cleaning, metal detection, purification, purification technology, purification equipment, polyurethane,

Website: http://www.fle-china.com/


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