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Shanxi Wutai Mountain Seabuckthorn Products Co., Ltd., located at the foot of Wutai Mountain, a Buddhist holy place, is a modern industrial enterprise which integrates product development, processing, production and sales of health care products, cosmetics, food and other industries. Over the past 22 years, the company has taken "benefiting human health" as its mission, followed the business philosophy of "advocating science, advocating transcendence, putting people first and being sincere to the essence", guided by more than 2,000 years'extensive and profound health-preserving theory and methods of diet, diet therapy, diet recuperation and food supplement, and combined with different consumer groups and market demand, continuously increased investment in science and technology, and introduced and developed huge amounts of products. The advanced production technology and equipment in the whole country and even in the world have been produced. Applying its unique resource advantages, the company has established an effective mechanism for the interests of enterprises, bases and farmers, and formed an industrial chain of "base + farmers + companies" in the continuous extension, thus forming a stable purchasing and selling relationship between bases, farmers and enterprises. We have set up Wutai County e-commerce vocational training school to provide a good learning platform for those who are willing to innovate, get rid of poverty and become rich, and learn new skills. So far, more than 7600 rural e-commerce students have been trained. For a long time, the company has continuously increased its investment in scientific research, strengthened its cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions and universities, devoted itself to various R&D activities, and stepped out of a virtuous professional development path of Industry-University-Research cooperation. Especially in 2008, Shanxi Wutaishan Seabuckthorn Products Co., Ltd. technology research and development, inspection center, is the core of the company's intensive scientific and technological innovation system. It is composed of more than 900 square meters of plant technology research and development, inspection center, wild Seabuckthorn ecological park and pilot base, production, learning and research alliance meeting the standards of FDA, EU and Halal HALLA of the United States. Since the establishment of the R&D and Inspection Center, more than 9 million yuan has been invested in special scientific research. It has 66 sets of dust-free microbial incubator, Waters liquid chromatography, one-hundred-thousandth balance, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, etc. It can carry out physical and chemical indicators, fatty acid synthesis, vitamin A, pesticide residues, solvent residues, microorganisms and benzo (a) pyrene and so on. The detection of iron, copper, mercury, nickel, arsenic, cadmium, chromium and lead heavy metals can analyze 55 items of the seven major items of health products, food and cosmetics. In terms of equipment and technology, we have developed a "crosswind grinder" whose production technology "vegetable oil sedimentation separation and extraction technology" has passed the appraisal of Xinzhou Science and Technology Bureau. On July 12, 2016, the mill independently developed by Xinzhou Science and Technology Bureau was named "cross-wind grinder". The developed "hypolipidemic soft capsule and its preparation method", "Fozi soft capsule and its preparation method", "Xiangzi soft capsule and its preparation method", "Maidong Shenqi soft capsule and its preparation method" obtained national invention patents. Drive the company's technological progress and product restructuring, and provide continuous equipment and technical support for the sustainable development of intensive companies. In the development, inspection and testing activities of new products, after many experiments and taking national or industrial standards as reference, the standards of various new products are determined, corresponding enterprise standards are established, and the provincial records are completed. At the same time, the standardization system of the company's enterprises is revised and updated, and strictly implemented in production. It promotes the company's technological progress and product restructuring, and provides stable and reliable standardization support for the sustainable development of intensive companies. Production, learning and research are the primary choices for SMEs to carry out technological innovation. Up to now, the company has 19 technological innovation and R&D projects, with 9 domestic leading technological achievements and patented technologies. Eight patents have been applied for. Actively promote the company's scientific and technological innovation. It provides strong scientific and technological support for the integration development of original ecological function agriculture and industry. The company's R&D and inspection technology center has been recognized as provincial and municipal technology center by Shanxi Province and Xinzhou City. All along, the company has made full use of its own advantages, combined with customer demand for products, under the guidance of "Huangdi Neijing" and other health-preserving theories, the company has developed, developed and produced high-quality "Wufeng Huiguo" brand seabuckthorn seed oil and seabuckthorn fruit oil by applying advanced technology and equipment, science, traditional health-preserving theory, unique market positioning and rich Buddhist culture connotation. Seabuckthorn oil, grape seed oil, linseed oil, walnut oil, sweet almond oil, pumpkin seed oil, perilla seed oil and other nine kinds of refined vegetable oil, seabuckthorn oil soft capsule and seabuckthorn legend small Tuocha, seabuckthorn original fruit pulp, seabuckthorn seed oil antibacterial liquid, seabuckthorn whole fruit gel candy, seabuckthorn fruit oil gel candy, seabuckthorn oil gel candy and other 10 kinds of gel sweets, seabuckthorn health calcium and so on. Over the past twenty-one years, the company has accumulated rich experience through e-commerce as the leading sales channel, and has been commended and rewarded by Shanxi Provincial Commerce Department. Now the company's products have been exported to 1975 counties and cities throughout the country, standing in the forefront of the same industry, won a larger market share. The company has established a sound quality management system and food safety management system. Obtained the national health food approval certificate; health food GMP production license; successfully applied for the export food production enterprise record certificate and so on. Its technical index has reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad, and its quality, function and price are much better than those of similar products. It has become the main raw material base of medicine, health care products, cosmetics, food and other industries at home and abroad. At the same time, the center also provides biotechnology for small and medium-sized enterprises and related research institutes in the county, city and province, such as Shanxi Forestry Research Institute, etc., small and medium-sized enterprises; new product development pilot and pilot test; product performance testing; consultation, guidance and intermediary services for product certification and standardization; self-construction of various testing and certification institutions through assistance Market operation, so as to obtain the best economic and social benefits. At present, our company is jointly recognized as "Shanxi Technological Innovation Enterprise" by Shanxi Economic and Information Committee and other five departments, as "Shanxi Government 513 Project Tracking Unit", as "Shanxi Agricultural Standardization Demonstration Zone", "Xinzhou City Cotton Project City Grade Leading Agricultural Products Enterprise", and awarded "Xinzhou City Sha" by Xinzhou Science and Technology Bureau in 2018. The expert workstation of technological collaborative innovation platform for thorn industry has won the honor of "Excellent Leader of National Rural Entrepreneurship Innovation" by the Ministry of Agriculture, and many other honors such as various "Gold Awards".
Main Sales Markets:North America,Central/South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Australasia,Asia,Middle East,Africa Registration number:91140922743522475P
Main Competitive Advantages:Brandname,Reputation,Quality Service Main Product Categories:Food Raw Materials and Ingredients,Dietary Supplements
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Year Established:1997
Total Number of Staff: less than 10 person
Business Type:Manufacturer
Main Sales Markets:North America,Central/South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Australasia,Asia,Middle East,Africa

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