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  • Tomato compound oil
  • Tomato compound oil
  • Tomato compound oil
  • Tomato compound oil
  • Tomato compound oil
  • Tomato compound oil
  • Product name:Tomato compound oil

  • Tomato compound oil

  • Product Categories:Nutrition (dietary) supplements
  • Region:china
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TOMATO complex oil (Israel - natural lycopene)

Natural strong antioxidant, prostate protector

Octorogen lycopene complex oil is a lycopene product extracted from a special lycopene variety of LRT from Israel. In addition to ordinary lycopene (formula: C40H56), octorogen lycopene (formula: C40H54) and hexahydrolycopene (formula: C40H52) are also present. Currently, Lycored Israel is the only company in the world with the extraction technology of hydrolycopene octahydrolycopene and hexahydrolycopene, thus creating a unique polyhydrolycopene product in Israel.

Instead of a single product of lycopene, occa lycopene complex oil is a mixture of lycopene and tomato active extracts, preserving all the nutrients in tomatoes. Because the hydrolycopene and hexahydrolycopene have more active hydrogen atoms than ordinary lycopene, they have stronger antioxidant activities and have more specific targeting effects in human prostate, breast, egg, and subcutaneous skin cells.

Product features:

1. Original bottle import, international synchronization: this product is produced according to Israeli drug standards, and it is a world high-end lycopene product sold in the market of the United States, Japan and the European union.

2, more hydrogen component, multiple health: not only has high content of lycopene composition (15 mg/grain), each product also contains eight hydrogen 1.0 mg lycopene and 1.0 mg lycopene six hydrogen, it also contains natural vitamin E, plant sterols, beta Hu Meng ト etc all nutrients. The concentrated supercritical extraction technology can improve the biological activity and be easily absorbed by human body.

3. Top quality, irreplaceable: octorogen polyhydrolycopene represents the world's highest level of lycopene research technology and scientific research achievements, is a symbol of jewish wisdom, known as the "national treasure" of Israel, is one of the highest quality lycopene products.

4, natural sources, and is safe and effective, high quality tomato from Israel, east south bank of the Mediterranean Sea, sunny, no pollution, high content of lycopene, every grain of Macao grams of lycopene Luo Jian more hydrogen, its nutrient composition is equivalent to 300 common tomato extract 5 cm in diameter, taking two a day, which added 34 mg lycopene, the equivalent of 600 normal nutrition of tomato.

5. Clinical verification, solid foundation: every function of Israeli polyhydrolycopene has passed clinical verification.

Suitable group:

1, need to beauty, anti - free radical women;

2. Women with irregular menstruation and menopause;

3. Frequent, urgent and difficult urination

4. People with weak waist and weak spirit;

5, the life of husband and wife is not harmonious;

6. The elderly and infirm;

7. Healthy people preparing for pregnancy;

8. Long distance driving population:

9. People who stay up late to work overtime;

10, sperm is not prolonged infertility;

11, drink and socialize more people.

Net content :30 grams (0.5 grams ×60 grains)

How to eat: 1-2 tablets per day with meals

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Taizhou Hanai Trade Co.,Ltd.

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