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Activity Rules

1. Members who have [en-sjgle.com] online shop can log in and click participate for participation.

2. After logging in and registering, participants must improve the uploaded products (e.g. product images, product descriptions, etc.)
     and upload more products in detail. Within 2 weeks after the event, the organizer will review the the number of quality product uploads.

3. Only with the number of quality products reach at least 1, participants have the opportunity to win the prizes. The winners will be
     evaluated according to the level of product information perfection.

4. First Prize: 3 companies ——SEM package ,Second Prize: 5 companies —— an enterprise interview, Participation Prizes: 20
     companies —— mobile phone bills. (Note: This event is only available to registered users.)

5. Two weeks after the event, our customer service will contact you to ask the detail information and your promotion demands. The
     organizer will arrange the promotion duration for you.

Participate Information

Prize Settings

  • SEM package : to enhance the exposure and popularity of the company and products in the whole network, attract domestic and foreign buyers to obtain more business opportunities (value: 5,000 RMB / 15 days)

  • Enterprise interview : an enterprise interview and promote on en-sjgle
    (value: 2,000RMB)

  • Mobile phone bills : mobile phone bills, encourage participants actively participate in Sjgle activities
    (value: 30 RMB)

Quality product definition

1. Have a clear product picture (non-business logo)

2. The product description text is more than 100 characters or the product parameters are listed as complete and specific.

Operation Example