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Fifteenth Shanghai 2018 Food & Beverage Exhibition

Time:2018/06/27 - 2018/06/29

Venue:Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center


Organizer:Shanghai enterprise Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Qishun Exhibition Service Co. Ltd. has been greatly assist the relevant departments in Shanghai City, adhering to the "internationalization, specialization and brand creation mode, held" 2018 fifteenth China (Shanghai) food ingredients exhibition". The exhibition of "safe food, health food" as the theme, a comprehensive display of health food ingredients, food ingredients industrys latest products and brand image, strengthen technological exchanges at home and abroad food ingredients enterprise and economic and trade cooperation, the downstream industry chain effectively boost the food ingredients industry, promote the healthy development of food ingredients industry;
The purpose of the exhibition is to create a most direct and effective platform for domestic and foreign producers, distributors, retailers, experts, scholars, enthusiasts and consumers, as well as relevant people to engage in face-to-face distribution, business cooperation and exchange of experience with enterprises. The integration of supply and marketing, to improve the entire marketing network, for enterprises to quickly enter the Chinese and foreign markets, more for the development of the industry to play a positive role in promoting.

Exhibits range:
Packaging equipment, packaging, preservation, storage cabinets, starch, stainless steel, stainless steel tableware, tableware, food and beverage, touch screen, soybean, soybean products, egg products, oligosaccharides, starch, starch sugar, spices, seasonings, spices, soy products, seasonings, cakes, Cereals, and canned fruits and vegetables, and management software seafood, Hot pot, ham, chicken, chicken, machinery, processing machinery, food processing, poultry, sauces, soy, yeast, yeast products, wine, cocoa, cocoa products, fast food, frozen, frozen food, cold storage, cold chain, cooking wine, pasta, poultry, meat, dairy products, software, sterilization and sterilizing equipment, deep processing, food, food processing, food processing machinery, food ingredients, edible mushrooms, edible oil, vegetables, aquatic products, fruit and vegetable products, Water beverage, quick freezing, quick freezing equipment, instant tea, sugar alcohol, ceramic, ceramic tableware, dehydration, monosodium glutamate, logistics, logistics services, Western food, fresh meat, sausage, spices, beverages, Oils and fats, substitutes, miscellaneous grains, bamboo, bamboo and wood tableware,

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