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2018 China Food&Catering Expo

Time:2018/09/13 - 2018/09/16

Venue:Changsha international convention and exhibition center


Organizer:Ministry of commerce, hunan provincial people's government

China food and beverage expo (" food and beverage banquet ") is a key exhibition in the field of domestic trade and circulation. The first food dinner was held in 2016. After two sessions of development, it has begun to take shape. Annual event, attracting thousands of domestic and international leading brand high quality food and food and beverage exhibition, more than 100000 domestic and overseas audience, cover the food and restaurant industries both at home and abroad, including food and restaurant industries of dealers, agents at home and abroad, traders, dining establishments and other professionals, government procurement department.

The 2018 dinner will be hosted by the ministry of commerce and the hunan provincial peoples government and will be held in changsha international convention and exhibition center from September 13 to 16. The exhibition will be held at the same time China international meat industry exposition and China chain-like alliance show, at the same time focus on creating coffee, baking, catering, food and other professional exhibition and imported comprehensive exhibition, stepping up efforts to invite buyers at home and abroad. As the central region, one of the largest TTF attending food dinner has become the food industry of the whole industry chain docking platform, business trade, technology exchange, market development platform for the high efficiency, and will gradually develop into a meal industry domestic trade circulation no.1!


Range of exhibits:

Meat and meat aquatic fruit and vegetable exhibition area: meat and meat products; Marine aquatic food, fresh water aquatic food, deep-processed aquatic food; Fresh, frozen, dehydrated fruits and vegetables; Dried fruit, nuts.

Wine and dairy products exhibition area: tea, tea deep processing food, tea utensils, tea freshness preservation and storage technology; Wine, liquor, beer, fruit wine, health wine; Drinking water, energy drinks, juice, coffee; Liquid milk, milk powder, condensed milk, milk fat, cheese, butter, milk nutrients and health care products.

import exhibition area: representative food of Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, Italy, Japan and other countries; Olive oil, cheese, cookies, beef.

Grain and oil exhibition area: rice, cereal, cereals, general edible oil, high-end specialty oils, refined processed food, wheat and processed products, beans and bean products.

Comprehensive exhibition area: all provinces and cities in China organized groups of time-honored food, geographical indication food, halal food and other specialty food.  

Condiments, ingredients and ingredients: condiments, food additives, food accessories, natural food raw materials, nutrition and health products raw materials, organic ingredients.

Equipment supplies and technology exhibition area: cooked food processing machinery, food packaging machinery, equipment, the central kitchen complete processing equipment, kitchen supplies and decoration, kitchen cleaning and processing technology, sterilization equipment, cold chain logistics equipment, information systems and technology, food supervision and tracing equipment and technology.

Brand catering exhibition area: famous brand chain catering enterprises, local specialty restaurants, family experience kitchen, provincial star hotels.

Hunan featured agricultural and sideline products exhibition area: agricultural and sideline products plus agricultural products, crops, and deep processing products of key industrial counties in hunan province featured county economic strength county project.

Enterprise service exhibition area: food inspection and testing, certification institutions, design institutions, consulting institutions, financial service institutions, association organizations, professional media, etc


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